Developer Guides

Working with Multi-MID terminals

Overview Multi-MID feature allows a single physical terminal to be associated with multiple merchant accounts. This is used for businesses like salons where eac...

Updated Oct 10, 2017

Developer Docs

While we are gradually migrating our documents to this portal the majority of our developer docs are still available at

Updated Sep 15, 2017

App Review SLA

Poynt reviews every apk submission of an app including updates and first-time submissions. Developers need to have an app apk submitted to the Developer portal...

Updated Sep 14, 2017

Poynt Apps Ecosystem Principles

An open platform designed to bring technology superpowers to merchants in partnership with merchant acquirers and other distribution partners. Leverages mobile...

Updated Aug 11, 2017

Poynt Billing Best Practices

Plan scopes All billing plans can be set at different scopes based on your business model. At Poynt, merchants can have multiple stores (MIDs) in their business...

Updated Aug 08, 2017

Developer App Review Process

Pre-Requisites Developers have signed up for a Developer account. Developers have an app submitted for review through the Developer portal. Step 1: Developer...

Updated Jul 28, 2017

Working with the Second Screen

Overview Poynt Smart Terminal has a customer facing screen (a.k.a. second screen) that allows developers to build apps that can interface with both merchants an...

Updated Jul 25, 2017

Integrating Accessories with Poynt

Overview Accessory Provider is a android app that manages one of the accessories connected to Poynt device. Example of accessories are Cash Drawer, Cash Registe...

Updated Jul 21, 2017

Authenticating Poynt Terminals

At Poynt we think of a merchant as an entity that can have multiple stores (or locations) with multiple payment terminal at each location. Therefore when we onb...

Updated Jul 21, 2017

Getting started with your Dev Kit

Thanks for purchasing a Poynt Dev Kit! (If you haven't gotten one yet, you can order one here. Follow the easy steps here to get your dev kit set up and ready f...

Updated Jun 08, 2017

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