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Take Poynt To Your Local Market

Poynt Pro Ensures Your Success

About Poynt Pro

Poynt Pro, our international reseller program, is designed to vet, identify, and assist qualified partners to bring Poynt to their local markets. These Pro partners will provide third parties with access to Poynt in their defined geographies.

Significant reseller benefits

Certified Poynt Partner Status

Introduce Poynt’s unique, innovative products to third parties in your local markets

Leading Terminal Management platform

Access to Poynt’s merchant HQ app and reseller Mission Control terminal management system

Revenue share for Poynt Store revenue

As active Poynt terminals grow, PROs can share in third party app revenue

App Ecosystem expertise

Poynt will optimize local app development and enable global players locally

Dedicated Support & Training

Access to Poynt’s dedicated support team for troubleshooting and support

Preferred Access

Preferred access to future products and services introduced by Poynt

Reseller responsibilities

  1. Handle integration with the existing processing / backend systems and software
  2. Maintain required local integrations and certifications for the Poynt products*
  3. Manage local key injection (physical and remote, as required)

*Including acquirer to terminal certifications (ADVT, M-TIP, etc) and integration to domestic networks (local payment application with Poynt terminal). Poynt app developers do not need to register under Poynt PRO, unless you take on the additional obligations listed above.

Application Process

Interested parties are asked to submit the following for consideration in Poynt PRO

1. List qualifications to be a Poynt Partner
2. Define country
3. Annual volume commitment
4. Multiple ecosystem references

Evaluation Criteria

Poynt will evaluate applicants based on the following criteria; applicants will receive a initial response within one week of submitting their application.

Reputation, experience, and capabilities
Market size and volume commitment
Local certification requirements
Applicant capitalization
*Poynt reserves the sole right to approve participants in Poynt PRO. Participation will be the subject to partner executing the Poynt PRO agreement.


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