Code for commerce

Build business apps and take them to market on Poynt.
Welcome to the Poynt Developer Program.

Build apps for businesses
and take them to market with Poynt.

Poynt makes it easy for you to build apps that solve merchant problems. Poynt will also help you effectively market your apps directly to merchants through our sales and marketing channels.

Poynt is a Payment Terminal Platform for Developers

Our building blocks make it easy to integrate various systems and components that make commerce happen — no matter whether it’s at a small mom and pop store or a big retail store.


Any kind of payment, anywhere.


Strengthen the relationship between merchants and their customers.


Connect with printers, barcode scanners, cash registers, beacons, or any IoT device.

  • Printers » Coming soon!
  • Bluetooth » Coming soon!
  • USB » Coming soon!


Instant back-and-forth between you and all your merchants.

Point of Sale

All the tools you need to build a point of sale app in any industry vertical.